José María Campaña Rojas

My name is José María Campaña Rojas. I'm a Designer and a maker. I was born on Mexico City. I have been developing websites and web applications for ten years. I also make apps for mobile devices. I develop projects that solve needs using technology. Some aim to solve in social matters, like Mi Mercado. Others are conected to art, like El jazz y la Furia. Others mix the physical and digital, as in Chibiden Camera. And others, are just experiments, like LED Cube.

We designers have great power and responsibility in our hands: we create the services that people use, the houses and buildings in which they live, and the objects they use. Designing is solving problems. That is why we need to have and offer an interdisciplinary approach that does not isolate design.

I have a Bachelors degree from the Metropolitan Autonomous University. I was a gest student at The Research Center of Industrial Design at National Autonomous University of Mexico and currently I'm at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences's graduate school in Ogaki, Japan. I can speak spanish, japanese and english and like to take a lot of photographs.

You can look at my portfolio or read my full resume, and if you are interested or have questions, please contact me.